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Sonic Quill Publications is a game and book printing company. SQP produces original works, plus we offer full self publishing services to authors and designers.  Please contact us for details.


Strike Force – Strategic: The Kurjj Invasion (tentative title) (Sonic Quill Publications)

Set in John Holland’s «Seven Empires» universe, this science fiction game depicts the opening moves of the Kurjj against their former colonies at the outbreak of the Second Dominion War. Will feature space ships from four of the empires and seven scenarios! As a special feature, one scenario can be played solitaire.

Accepting Playtesters? Yes, contact us
Estimated Pre-Order Date: 15 May
Estimated Release Date: 31 May

Airships at War: Pathfinders (tentative title) (Sonic Quill Publications)
The third expansion to Airships at War, this game will focus on Bomber Main of the Royal Air Force, with scenarios from 1939 to 1944.

Accepting Playtesters? 25 April and later
Estimated Pre-Order Date: 5 July
Estimated Release Date: 29 August


We realize that game parts can become worn, lost or damaged. In some cases, players just want more of what they already have. We have a contract with our associate Ray and John Sales to sell spare parts to the general public. Please contact them for replacements.


We only sell wholesale. We will require a scanned copy of your business license before we can complete a transaction.

A 10% discount is available for any product of which at least 10 copies were ordered and the total order is $300 or more. A 20% discount is available for the same item if the total order is $600 or more.

In order to make an order, perform the following steps:

    1) Download and fill out the Order Form
    2) E-mail the order form to our Sales Department. If this is your first order with us, be sure to include a scanned copy of your business license.
    3) We will bill you using the e-mail address you gave us on the order form. For most orders, we will ship within 72 hours of recieving payment.

Domistic: There is a flat $6.00 shipping fee for any purchase under $100. Shipping is free for orders of $100 or more.
International: Shipping charges will be at cost for postage, rounding up to the nearest dollar. A $6.00 credit will be applied to charges for orders of $100 or more. Please contact us for a quote.

Payment Methods
We accept check, money order, Pay Pal and most credit cards through Pay Pal (you do not need a Pay Pal account to pay this way).  Payment is expected at time of purchase.