Anti Plagiarism and dissertations

A master’s thesis is a research work that is carried out by a student and created with the goal of demonstrating the competence and knowledge of its author.

Checking honestly written work for anti-plagiarism and seeing a low percentage of uniqueness is a scary dream for every student. The Furtum team talks about how to get around the antiplagiarism of a dissertation without spending all your free time on it.

Master’s work should show:

High level of qualification of the undergraduate in the issue he is considering.

The degree of knowledge of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of training, as well as the ability to use them to solve specific problems and cases.

How prepared is the undergraduate for independent research activities and his ability to apply the learned skills in the professional field.

A high percentage of uniqueness of the dissertation for admitting a graduate student to defense.

The volume of work is about 80-100 pages, design according to GOST. Exact guidelines for design, content and volume are given by the supervisor.

After you finish your research, at the request of the educational institution, the master’s degree, like any other thesis project, must be checked for anti-plagiarism.

The verification system requires fundamental changes, often the percentage of dissertation plagiarism is calculated incorrectly, even if the entire student wrote everything himself.

The system considers wording, terms, and steady momentum plagiarism. This injustice helps to fix our online service. The uniqueness of the master’s thesis will be saved.

If you don’t have time to manually rewrite each page and “you are still rewriting, then we will go to you!”

Furtum changes the document at the code level, so the content of the document remains unchanged. Text, markup, footnotes – it remains one to one as in the original document.

Just upload your document to the site and specify the desired percentage of uniqueness.

Give our service a couple of minutes to increase the originality of the text online. After processing, the document will be sent to your e-mail address.

How many percent should be

Universities set different requirements for the percentage of originality of master’s degrees. Most often, values ​​start from 80% of uniqueness by anti-plagiarism, sometimes 70 is considered to be an acceptable percentage of uniqueness, in any case, the uniqueness of the dissertation text can rise to any value when using Furtum.

Remember that, in contrast to the final qualification work and thesis, the master’s degree should be drawn up in accordance with certain requirements for scientific work.

Thesis structure

  • title page
  • content
  • introduction
  • defense provisions
  • chapters of the main body
  • conclusion
  • literature
  • applications (if necessary)

All work in general, research and calculations are carried out under the supervision of a supervisor. He, in turn, will provide you with all the guidance and exact requirements for the design.

The economic section and the section on labor protection and safety in emergency situations are written under the guidance of consultants.

The content should be in accordance with the curriculum.

Performing such work does not so much solve scientific problems, but rather is evidence that a graduate student can see professional problems, conduct a scientific search, and know the methods and techniques for solving them.

Your task is to write quality work and a complete understanding of the issue at hand, you can entrust us with uniqueness.

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