How to get an anti-plagiarism essay?

It would seem that such a small work as an essay should not bring particular trouble to the student, but when it comes to the originality of the essay, everything turns out to be not so simple as it seemed at first glance. Well, okay, first things first.

We talk about how to increase the percentage of uniqueness of an essay without the hassle, registration and SMS.

How to write an essay to go through anti-plagiarism

More often than not, it is not difficult for a student to find a finished job on the Internet. This type of work, unlike a term paper or a thesis, is not burdened with strict rules – content with three chapters, nine subparagraphs, analysis and formulas. In fact, the main concern is the uniqueness of the abstract.

After you have found the necessary information on the Internet, textbooks or other sources, you need to organize all this information.

As already mentioned above, such a work does not have to have a large and branched content. It is enough to indicate the main chapters (subparagraphs), divided by meaning.


Abstract – “Athletics”

  • Introduction
  • Track and field history
  • Records and champions
  • Types of complex athletics competitions
  • References

How to check essay on anti-plagiarism

You are done. Then it must be checked for originality. In 85-90% of cases, it is checked in the anti-plagiarism system.

There are no official recommendations on how many percent of uniqueness should be in the abstract either on the anti-plagiarism site or in other plagiarism verification systems.

Everything is simple – a university or any other educational institution itself sets requirements on what should be the uniqueness of the essay. Therefore, you should clarify this information with the teacher, in your department or with classmates.

How to get around antiplagiarism

If your text lacks uniqueness, the Furtum service will help in this difficult task. If you don’t know how to redo the essay to bypass anti-plagiarism, then simply upload the document to our website, select the desired percentage of originality (if you don’t know exactly how many percent originality should be, put the percentage a little higher than 80) and download the finished file.

Your text, layout and styles remain unchanged. The program works at the level of the document code, therefore externally the document remains unchanged. It is not so important what the uniqueness of the essay should be, you can increase it in an instant.

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