How to write a term paper without plagiarism?

Soon the session, you are “attached” to the scientist and burdened with suffering. How not to go crazy with klozach and how to write a term paper without plagiarism, we tell below.

Each university checks the uniqueness of term paper. Most often this is done in the Anti-Plagiarism system. She has two versions: free – and paid – Anti-plagiarism. University, access to which have university staff, and we ;-).

Where to get the material?

Most open and closed sources where you can get content for your essay are scanned by job verification services. If you simply copy the first article you come across from the Internet, then plagiarism is indispensable. You should also not hope that if you download the finished work on the network, you will have high originality. They are all “under the hood”!

The following options remain:

1. Write everything from start to finish from your head. Imagine yourself in the role of a large information converter, which is read from many places and based on it your own material is created.

2. Try to retype or scan the text from a rare magazine or book, perhaps they are not yet in the databases, which are used to check undergraduates and abstracts. It is enough to scan the pages or take a high-quality photo on the phone and recognize the text in the ABBYY FineReader program.

3. Do you know a foreign language well? In this case, you can try to translate the materials into English. The output will be a high percentage of originality.

4. SUPER BOOST WAY! You can collect work using any materials from open sources and then increase uniqueness by technical means.

In short: our service automatically increases the originality of any document to 80-100%, online. The site increases uniqueness without changing the letters, words and content of the document – everything happens at the level of program code, so the text remains the same.

This will take only 3 minutes.

Read about how this method works on the main page. There you can upload a document for processing.

Choose a method convenient for you !

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